Buizen Yachts – A review

Buizen 48 Series 3

Buizen Yachts are the product of rich history and sublime craftsmanship in Australia.

The history begins with Eddy Buizen finding a gap in the Australian boat building market, this gap presented the opportunity to build the first ever Australian made pilot house sailing yacht which successfully launched in 1980.

The timeless appeal is constructed to the highest of quality, if you have been so fortunate to board a Buizen Yacht, you could only agree.

In addition to their high-quality construction and design, Buizen Yachts are known for their performance on the water. They are designed to be fast and seaworthy. In fact their capability to handle a wide range of sea conditions makes their design comparable with some of the world’s best cruising yachts.

The company is known to work with highly regarded naval architects and engineers to design boats that are both beautiful, functional and reliable, and they are constantly seeking new ways to improve their designs and incorporate the latest technologies and materials.

As a result of their fine quality and reputation, Buizen Yachts are rarely on the market.

However, if you’re chasing a Buizen 48 Series 3 in immaculate condition, we are pleased to tell you that you’re in luck. Take a look at our recent Buzien listing.

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