3 reasons why 2023 is a great time to buy a boat!

yacht sales 2023

The economic predictions for Australia may be doom and gloom, but the yacht market is going against the tide.

Boat ownership in Australia is reaching unprecedented heights, and this upward trend shows no signs of stopping. In this article, we share with you valuable reasons as to why 2023 is a great time to buy a boat.

1. Increased Inventory

The inventory of used yachts on the market has seen a consistent increase in 2023 from previous years. The market has started to shift from a sellers market, to a buyers market. This gives buyers more options to choose from, which in turn helps them find the perfect vessel for their needs rather than settling for something that doesn’t check all the right boxes.

2. Boating is #Trending

Boat ownership in Australia has reached new heights in 2023, and the data suggests this will only continue. The demand for the yacht market is anticipated to increase with the popularity of luxury travel and sailing. As the nation continues to embrace the joys of water-based activities and boating, more Aussies are continuing to purchase boats, whether brand new or used. With El Niño right on our door step, pristine boating conditions are also on the horizon. So whilst the market is softening, get in now and get your dream vessel for fantastic value and go enjoy life on the coastline!

3. Avoid New Yacht Waiting Times and Price Increases

The prices of new boats have been on the rise, and this trend is likely to continue. This is due to a number of factors, including the rising cost of materials, the increasing demand for yachts, and the supply chain disruptions. To save time and money we highly recommend buying a used yacht from a broker you trust.

Overall, the Australian boating industry is strong and growing in 2023. Australians’ keen interest in boating is driving a dynamic market, offering diverse options to cater to various boating preferences. Noteworthy is the industry’s commitment to innovation, enhancing affordability and accessibility, which bodes well for the future of boating in Australia.

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