6 mistakes to avoid when buying a boat

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If you’re new to the world of boat sales, welcome aboard, this one is for you!

1. Buying a boat that does not fit your cruising criteria

From dealing with many clients over the years, the most common mistake we see is potential boat owners wanting a vessel that does not match their ideal cruising criteria.

We find there is always a compromise you will need to make to find your ideal balance between speed and comfort.

There’s a lot to consider if you’ve found your dream boat. To put things into perspective, start by thinking of these three things:

  • Budget
  • Speed
  • Comfort

Now choose two.

2. Stop thinking the bigger the better

Larger boats seem more appealing in terms of having storage space and live aboard space, however when assessing your budget, we encourage you to prioritize the quality of the vessel, before the size.

We find in more cases than not, someone who opts to purchase a bigger boat within the means of their budget is often not better off. Buying a newer, smaller vessel within the means of your budget can be your saving grace when it comes to the time and money you save handling and maintaining the boat.

Remember with more boat, comes more costs.

3. Buying a boat that is not comfortable

Although purchasing a boat that is flash and high performance seems like the dream, we see a few clients come to us after they realise that they need something more liveable. To ensure you are getting the best possible experience from your investment, make sure you take into consideration how you plan to use the yacht, and how often you will take it out.

4. Buying a boat that is too hard to maintain

This is where you need to be most honest with yourself.

We recommend you take time to assess your personal set of skills and abilities when it comes to maintaining and operating a vessel. Now envision your dream vessel. Now ask yourself, do they match?

If yes, wonderful! If no, it may be worth reassessing.

5. Purchasing a boat without doing extensive research

There is absolutely nothing worse than thinking you’ve purchased your dream vessel, then finding out it’s not actually suitable for your needs. Take time to research the following:

  • Production (brand)
  • Custom (design and boat builder)
  • Number of cabins
  • Galley up or galley down
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Added options (generator, solar, water maker, wind generator, air-conditioning etc.)

Find a broker who is also willing to guide you through and provide some assistance with that process, which leads us to our last point.

6. Not using a boat broker

Not using a yacht broker when buying a yacht is like buying a house on Facebook marketplace, it’s just not reassuring and can turn out very costly. Here’s a few quick reasons you should use a broker before we wrap up.

  1. A great yacht broker that genuinely understands your needs will make your purchasing journey a lot more stress-free.
  2. They offer an extensive list of trusted contacts to help you get from A to Sea effortlessly.
  3. They’re experts. They know what you want sometimes better than you do.
  4. They’re qualified to deal with all the meticulous legalities of buying a yacht, so you don’t have to!
  5. Be the first to know about a boat before it goes to market.

We recommend speaking to a highly accredited and experienced yacht broker that understands your needs, and focusses on what will make you happiest in the long run, no matter your budget.

Our team of brokers here at World Wide Boat Brokers are not only boat wizzes, but incredibly passionate about yachts and make it our mission to not just sell, but find clients their dream boat.

We’re here to make the entire process easier and stress-free, so if you are eager to propel yourself into the wonderful world of yachts, contact us today!

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