6 tips for saving on boat fuel

Sailing catamaran Sunshine Coast

In light of fuel prices soaring through the roof, we thought we’d share with you our top tips to save on boat fuel!

1. Service the engine

Much like cars, regularly serviced and well-maintained boat engines are much more fuel efficient. We recommend to service them regularly. We also recommend replacing the oil and filter seasonally.  

2. Ease on the throttle

One of the easiest ways to reduce costs it to reduce your speed. Drive at cruise speed rather than full throttle can utilize up to 50% less fuel. It might take a bit longer, but keeping your trips short and slow will help you save big! Find your sweet spot for cruising.

3. Check the weather

If you can, try and plan your trips on calm days so you’re not pushing into a head wind. The more you can predict the conditions, the better. Another option for cruising swiftly is to run with the tide or current.  

4. Clean the bottom

Hydrodynamic performance related to drag and is one of the most important factors to creating fuel efficiency. Ensure you keep your boat scrubbed and clean of marine growth, as dragging along barnacles and weed can really affect your efficiency and waste fuel.  

5. Remove excess weight

Shred those extra kilos by getting rid of extra items you probably don’t need on board. De-clutter regularly, only keep the absolute necessities with you. Less drag = fuel efficiency

6. Fill up in the morning

Warm fuel expands! Be sure to fill up when the sun is at it’s lowest points (morning / late afternoon) so you can feel reassured that you are indeed getting your $2.20c per litre!  

We hope these tips help you as much as they have helped us!

Happy Boating!

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